In Germany and Europe, HG CHEM e.K is the major exporter of Silver Mercury and other chemical products. We offer cutting-edge product lines as well as bespoke solutions to meet the most demanding customer needs.


The Chemical Supplier of Choice for over 50 years

HG CHEMS e.K is constantly ready to fulfill the continually changing requirements of the global economy, with an emphasis on innovation as mercury dealers. We have the people, products, and knowledge to design optimized solutions that will add value to your products and assist you in growing. HG CHEMS continues to improve on its well-known goods and technology while also developing a new line of products to fulfill the market’s most stringent performance criteria.

Innovation Through Chemistry


Red Mercury 99.999%

Free from heavy metals Physical State : Liquid Odor : odorless Appearance : Silver Vapor Pressure : 0.002 mm Hg @ 25C Vapor Density : 7.0 Viscosity : 15.5..
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Silver Mercury 99.999%

We have available for export and in a position to supply pure virgin mercury with details as below: commodity : prime virgin mercury 99.999% origin..

Polymer Modifiers

Chemicals from HG CHEMS can be utilized in a variety of applications to improve process characteristics.