Natural Alternative for Paraffin Wax

A new high- performance candle wax element, deduced from locally produced vegetable canvas
HG Chems is devoted to serving its guests with environmentally favored
specialized results. We developed Soypex as an excellent volition to force- limited petroleum- grounded paraffin and performance- constrained conventional natural waxes. It’s designed to be blended with and incompletely replace conventional waxes to significantly reduce soot and bank conformation, perfecting inner air quality.

Pre-dissolving spices in Soypex100 at low temperatures preserves scent integrity during product of scented candles. With excellent glass adhesion and increased burn time, waxes containing Soypex 100 can be used in both vessel and pillar candle products of high renewable content and deliver a superior product to the consumer.

Contact our sales and technical specialists so we can assist you in incorporating Soypex® technology into your candle waxes and products.