Organotin Catalysts

FOMREZ® Catalysts

FOMREZ Tin Catalysts are most generally used in the crosslinking and cure of polyurethane, silicones, and silane terminated polymers.

For further than four decades, Galata Chemicals has produced FOMREZ Tin Catalysts at its manufacturing installations in Germany, Canada, and the USA. Commercially active in further than 60 countries, Galata Chemicals offers products and services to meet client requirements around the world. FOMREZ Tin Catalysts represent all classes of organotin chemistries including carboxylates, oxides, mercaptides, thioglycolates, and sulfides. FOMREZ Tin Catalysts are used with multiple polymers similar as silicones, polyurethanes and silane- modified polymers. Whether you manufacture froth or CASE products, we’ve a drum catalyst that fits your requirements.