Red Mercury 99.999%

Red Mercury 99.999% We are the highest manufacturer and exporters of Pure Metallic Mercurial in Netherlands. Specificationspure metallic mercurial of 99.99% purity. packed in 34.5 kg flasks 1. chemical formula Hg2. general molecule mass 756.61 ± 2g/mol3. Molecular Weight:200.594. chemical purity from 99.95 to 99.99 %5. isotopical purity 99.99 %6. color : silver Specification Silver Liquid Mercury … Read more

Silver Liquid Mercury

We are manufacturers exporters of quality mercury Madrid, spain. We have available for export and in a position to supply pure virgin mercury with details as below: commodity : prime virgin mercury 99.999% origin : spain and algeria specification quality : prime virgin mercury 99.999% quantity : 550 flasks per 20ft container packaging : 34.5 … Read more


Natural Alternative for Paraffin Wax A new high- performance candle wax element, deduced from locally produced vegetable canvas.HG Chems is devoted to serving its guests with environmentally favoredspecialized results. We developed Soypex as an excellent volition to force- limited petroleum- grounded paraffin and performance- constrained conventional natural waxes. It’s designed to be blended with and … Read more


Markstat ® Antistatic Agents Different range of antstatic agents to help with stationary electricity dispersion Face static electricity of plastic products frequently affect in difficulties after processing and in the use of finished goods. HG Chems offers the result with Markstat ® antistatic agents that act on the shells of plastic accoutrements to reduce face … Read more

Organotin Catalysts

FOMREZ® Catalysts FOMREZ Tin Catalysts are most generally used in the crosslinking and cure of polyurethane, silicones, and silane terminated polymers. For further than four decades, Galata Chemicals has produced FOMREZ Tin Catalysts at its manufacturing installations in Germany, Canada, and the USA. Commercially active in further than 60 countries, Galata Chemicals offers products and … Read more

Polymer Modifiers

Blendex® Polymer Modifiers Designed to ameliorate the continuity, strength, and appearance of numerous thermoplastic polymers. HG Chems Blendex ® modifiers are designed to upgrade the mechanical or processing parcels of other polymers or to ameliorate the appearance of finished corridor. These modifiers are excellent for upgrading reclaim, custom compounding of polymers with specific property requirements, … Read more

Secondary Plasticizers

Secondary Plasticizers Epoxidized composites for a wide range of operations Fastening our sweats on delivering greener and further sustainable results, the DRAPEX ® plasticizers are manufactured from renewable feedstock and effectively serve as both secondary plasticizers andco-stabilizers in nearly all PVC systems.Epoxidized plasticizers conduct good riding stability and can also act as an internal lubricant … Read more

Primary Plasticizers

Alpha Primary Plasticizers Largely effective primarybio-based plasticizers combining performance with sustainability HG Chems offers a series of primary plasticizers manufactured from renewable feedstocks Drapex ® Alpha. In comparison to colorful conventional plasticizers, Drapex ® Alpha demonstrates high effectiveness, low passage, enhanced process capability, and low volatility all while being bring competitive. Drapex ® Alpha series … Read more

Liquid Phosphites

Liquid Phosphites High quality secondary antioxidants for a broad range of polymers. HG Chems Markphos ® phosphite stabilizers are generally used in PVC phrasings in combination with mixed essence stabilizers. These organic phosphites are useful in guarding parcels of numerous polymers and perform a variety of functions, including maintaining translucency and original color hold. Organic … Read more

Mixed Metal Stabilizers

Mixed Metal Stabilizers Stabilizer results fulfilling the most demanding performance conditions, the broad range of Mark Calcium-Zinc, Barium-Zinc, and heavy- essence-free organic grounded stabilizers (OBS) are available from five product installations encyclopedically. HG Chems’ comprehensive line of Mark ® liquid, paste, and solid mixed- essence heat stabilizers offers a range of options to effectively reuse … Read more